Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Smew, Brockholes Nature Reserve LWT, Lancs: 29th Dec 2010.

A few more high magnification digiscoped efforts of the excellent Smew currently frequenting the River Ribble between Brockholes Nature Reserve and Brockholes Bridge.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Brockholes Nature Reserve LWT: 28th Dec 2010.

A couple of images of the redhead Smew currently on the adj River Ribble. Pity the light was absolutely dire.

This is the first site record proper in the period Aug 1998-2010, though up to 4 Smew frequented a stretch of the Ribble just upstream of the site back in January 2010. An older record involved a pair seen on the stretch of River upstream of the entrance bridge on a date in the 1980's.

Great to see a resurgence of this species locally in the last couple of winters. I assume this latest bird is the redhead recently seen to roost on Alston Reservoir's, Longridge. Chances are the 'White Nun', which also roosted at Alston at the same time, is also lurking on a local stretch of the Ribble....