Monday, 12 January 2009

Local birding: Black Redstart at Blackburn Cathedral, Lancs - 12th Jan 2009.

A Black Redstart atop a Cathedral is, I think, an iconic image, and one that i freely admit to fantasising about seeing at Blackburn Cathedral when i have walked through the grounds over the years, both when sober and staggering through inebriated during my lager-swigging years!

So I could hardly believe it when news of one appeared on the pager and I shot down to the site with Bill Berry.

We eventually found the bird at the rear of the Cathedral as it flitted on the grass, in trees, and then to the top of the Cathedral at the base of the spire. Fantastic to have a long standing ambition realised at last! - Many thanks to the so far anonymous finder for broadcasting news of his/her find.

The one thing that spoilt the occasion was the 'error 5' which appeared in the DSLR viewfinder! The camera wouldn't autofocus or take bursts of shots, and i spent more time swearing loudly at the camera instead of watching the Black Red, the record shot above was the only shot I took of the bird. Fingers crossed it sticks around.

Afterwards, some great views of the amazing diurnal Long-eared Owl at a site close to home were had as it hunted mid-pm.

But when I did eventually get a clear digiscopable view of the bird, it remained back-on... AAARRGGHH!!!
Nothing of note was seen in the Fishmoor Gull roost this evening.