Friday, 24 July 2009

Notts: Turtle Dove, Girton GP - 23rd July 2009.

Above: Turtle Dove, Girton GP, Notts - 23rd July 2009. Testimony to how rare this species is in Lancashire, this delightful male, a yeartick, kept me enthralled for over an hour as it sang and display-flighted. The last time I personally saw one in East Lancs was way back in Sept 1993 when a bird found by John Metcalfe spent a week at Rishton Reservoir with Collared Doves by the Playground/Cut Wood. One thing is for certain, a twitchable East Lancs Turtle Dove would be a much appreciated bird.

Above: Adult Green Sandpiper, Girton GP, Notts - 23rd July 2009.