Saturday, 28 August 2010

Local birding: Little Gull, Fishmoor Res, Lancs: 28th Aug 2010.

The first time i've done the roost this autumn produced a 2cy Little Gull at 20:10. A very good bird at Fishmoor. Just a single adult Med Gull was a disappointment despite much scanning.

I fear United Utilities may be tightening the noose re access to Guide Res. More fencing has gone up, blocking the access point of recent winters which involved squeezing through the gap and around the fencing blocking the track. Access is still possible across the ditch (whilst water levels are low!), but the banking on the Guide Reservoir side of the ditch has been cleared. I hope i'm wrong but this could be for a reason. If UU put fencing along this side of the ditch, then we may be screwed re access to the banking of Guide Res. This would mean no way of scanning the roof. If so, an absolute disaster for law abiding citizens such as my good self who have been watching this Gull roost for nigh on twenty years only to suffer the consequences of the actions of lowlife scum from neighbouring estates who vandalise the site! Rant over... for now!