Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Local birding, Lancs: Iceland Gulls - 1st Feb 2011.

One juvenile Iceland Gull was present at Rishton Res upon my arrival just before c14:50, stood on the western bank amongst other Gulls. Just after 15:00, a second Iceland appeared on the water. With terrible sunlight in the face at the promenade and a south-westerly meaning all the Gulls were back-on, I had to run around the dam to get better light in order to age this second individual which proved to be another juv. Both were present for only ten minutes, with the second bird lingering until 15:45.

Presumably both returned to Whinney Hill Tip as they didn't come into roost at Fishmoor Res until 16:56 and 17:16 respectively.

The above poor record shot of the second individual is handheld to the 30xw eyepiece. A few days ago, for the first time in several months I dusted down the 30xW eyepiece for the Kowa 883 (I usually leave the zoom on), which I inadvertently left attached to the scope. As a result, I forgot the zoom at home and my digiscoping adapter only fits the zoom. The effort involved to obtain even the record shot above handheld bordered on the farcical! - As a result, i'm considering biting the bullet and purchasing the ridiculously overpriced Kowa DA-4 and DA-10 adapter so both eyepieces are covered!