Friday, 21 November 2008

Local birding: Waxwings & Yellow-legged Gull - 21st Nov 2008.

A search for Waxwings in the Durham Rd area of Darwen where 70+ had been present a few hours earlier drew a blank. Enroute back towards Blackburn and the Town Centre for a final try for Waxwings before heading to the Gull roost, I noticed four birds further down the road atop some tall trees by the A666 at Lower Darwen. Keeping one eye on the busy road and one eye on the birds, there was something 'not-Starling' about them and before i pulled into a Bus Stop opposite I was sure they were Waxwings.

The Waxwings eventually dropped onto some ornamental Rowans between The Bear Hotel and the nearby traffic lights at Oakdale but were unfortunately flushed back into the tall trees by the usual agressive attendant Mistle Thrush and some flushed Starlings before I could attempt any more photos. There are several ornamental Rowan-types on adj estates both sides of the traffic lights here so hopefully they will linger and perhaps increase in number. Once in Blackburn Town Centre, yet another check of Weir St. Pay and display car park drew a blank for this species. There must be some Waxwings in Blackburn Town Centre, but time was pressing so I had to jettison Pam back home and rush to Fishmoor.

Above & below: 1stw Yellow-legged Gull, Fishmoor Res, Lancs - 21st Nov 2008. This bird has replaced a tertial and inner greater coverts. A pleasing age to record.