Sunday, 9 November 2008

Spurn, East Yorkshire: 5th-6th Nov 2008.

An enjoyable couple of days at Spurn with Andy Bunting & Tony Disley, all of us desperate to make the most of the last-chance-saloon early November easterly migrant weather.

Woodcock are one of my favourite of the common migrants and it was great to enjoy regular sightings of birds either coming in-off or inadvertantly flushing them as we worked the area. We probaly saw 30+ Woodcock during the two days.

Above: Tony almost stood on this Woodcock as we worked the Canal Zone saltmarsh. Fortunately it remained in-situ long enough to allow me to creep up alongside Tony and get a record shot with the digital still camera before it crept through the grass and flew off. Superb!

Above: This Woodcock was located in the field just north of 'Big Hedge', looking as though it had recently arrived in-off the sea.

Above & below: Siberian Stonechat, SE side of Easington Gas Terminal - 6th Nov 2008.

Two days at Spurn with Tony disley and Andy Bunting. More images to follow in due course.