Friday, 4 September 2009

Brockholes Wetland LWT, Lancs & New Brighton, Wirral - 4th Sept 2009.

Above & below: Common Terns, Brockholes Wetland LWT, 4th Sept 2009. Three birds through this morning, plus an Arctic Tern briefly. A Water Rail was the only other bird of note and once again the site had no wader interest whatsoever!

The Terns kept me at Brockholes much longer than I intended, in the hope more would pass through, but after 3.5 hrs I had had enough of staring across at the expanses of Crassula, formerly wader mud, and headed for the Mersey to salvage what I could from what would be left of the tide.

Between 12:30-14:30 from New Brighton, c4 Leaches Petrel, 1 Manxie, 2 Kittiwake and num Common Tern came out of the Mersey, but pride of place went to this moulting adult Sabine's Gull which spent an hour lingering offshore around Fort Perch Rock, 13:10-14:08.