Friday, 23 April 2010

Local birding: Ashy Headed Wagtail or hybrid, Brockholes LWT, Lancs - 23rd April 2010.

Whilst a hybrid consensus of opinion appears to be more likely at this stage, this stunning colour-headed Wagtail runs pure Ashy Headed pretty damn close. However, the bird shows a vestigial supercillium behind the eye coupled with a faint and narrow supraloral stripe between eye and bill and a single 'weak' flavissima-like call has been heard.

Research I have done on the internet suggests that Ashy Headed can produce a 'flavissima-like' call in between the typical harsher call. Attempts are being made to record the call.

An excellent find by Carl Partington and Zac Hinchcliffe, and another excellent bird for Brockholes whatever the conclusion.