Tuesday, 6 April 2010

local birding: Brockholes LWT - 5th April 2010.

Above: Cutting a forlorn figure during a 3hr Osprey vigil from the eastern end of the site. A pair of adult Med Gulls dropping into the site from time to time and a nice count of 4 Green Sandpiper on the River Ribble were the highlights of the afternoon. Thanks to Bill 'paparazzi' Gregory for the photo.

Bill Gregory also took this opportunistic photo of a Greylag taking off. Closer inspection on his PC at home revealed the bird was darvic ringed. Alas, twas too much to dream it to be of Icelandic origin. The bird was one 7 Greylags ringed at MMWWT, Lancs, on 19/11/2008. All were given a green 'B' ring.

Additional to the Brockholes sighting, there have been three more reports of these ringed birds: One was seen at Southport Marine Lake, One was found dead at Banks nr Southport, and another was seen in St Helens.