Saturday, 15 May 2010

Brockholes Nature Reserve LWT: Wood Sandpiper - 15th May 2010.

Some images by Mark Fanshawe of the first Wood Sandpiper to be recorded at Brockholes in six long years.

In the 2005 report I classified this species as 'rare in spring' / 'scarce in autumn' as we did very well for this species in the period Aug 1998-2005.

Todays bird is the 14th site record totalling 19 individuals, August 10th 1998 - May 15th 2010, with 5 spring birds and 14 autumn birds.

Multiple arrivals have occurred on three occasions, once in spring: 2 on 9th May 2002 (the same date as the only site record of Temminck's Stint!) and three times in autumn: 2juvs on 8th August 2004 until 18:10 only, followed by three new 3 juvs on 9th August 2004 (two of which stayed until 15th and one until 4th Sept), and, 2 (ad+juv) on 30th July 2005.