Thursday, 27 May 2010

White tailed Lapwing!! - Seaforth NR - 27th May 2010.

Earth shattering news broke early afternoon with the stunning discovery of a White tailed Lapwing at Seaforth! - I was away when the May 2007 Dumfries and Galloway bird was refound in Lancashire at Leighton Moss, and naturally concluded it would be a once-in-a-lifetime county bird missed. Who would have thought another chance would arise?!

And what stunning views, down to c40ft, and a small appreciative crowd, in total contrast to the crowded anarchy of the tower hide at Caelaverock!

I'm unsure as to the age of the bird currently and haven't researched, but the wing coverts are very abraded. Could it be a 1st summer, or an adult in which the feathers have suffered weathering in the middle east?

Almost as rare was the arrival of Doug McAdam, a blast from the past during my manic twitching days in the 1980's.