Monday, 29 December 2008

Local birding: 1stw Caspian Gull, Fishmoor Res, Lancs - 29th Dec 2008

Above videograbs by John Wright.

Deciding that the Fishmoor Gull roost would be adequately covered tonight, I decided to see whether there would be a repeat of last nights Owl fest close to my home. Hoping that the LEO may be flying in good light for a few photos, I arrived prior to 15:00. By c15:40 I was regretting my decision to miss the roost as the light was now starting to go and unlike last night no Owls had shown by this time.

Then the mobile rang. Cllr John F. Wright had a 1stw Caspian Gull on the water at Fishmoor. From his position at the NW end of Fishmoor, JW could see Mike Watson & Pete Morris on the banking of Guide Reservoir, but didn't have eithers mobile number so I rang MW to get them onto the bird. It wasn't necessary as MW & PM were already watching it.

The bird was looking settled, so I simply had to twitch it, which I did successfully, a really cracking 1stw bird which showed well on the water to several birders, the aforementioned, plus two already at the JJB who had independently seen the bird prior to my arrival.

From the JJB viewpoint the Caspian Gull was more often than not face-on in the easterly and I could only manage the above record shots before ditching the camera to study the bird, but eventually all salient features were seen inc the underwing and tail pattern.

By the time of my arrival the light was starting to go, so I could only manage the record shots above but fortunately JW was able to secure much camcorder footage.

At this stage the bird is considered the same bird as on 23rd-24th Dec.
Thanks to JW and Mike Watson for updates on the bird whilst I was enroute.

If there is a downside to tonights roost, it was surprising no white-wingers were seen, ever delightful to see, but clinching Caspian Gulls is the number one priority nowadays, for us at Fishmoor at least.