Monday, 15 December 2008

Local birding: Waxwing & Glaucous Gull, 13th-15th Dec 2008.

1stw Glaucous Gull - Above: Fishmoor Res roost, c16:00, distantly from the banking of Guide Res. Below: Earlier, very distantly at Whinney Hill Tip - both 15th Dec 2008.

Above: Waxwing, Weir St. Car Park, Blackburn Town Centre, 13th-14th Dec 2008. Too tight to get a parking ticket, this was a quick smash-and-grab shot on the 13th, in between visits by the Traffic Warden! - I didn't see it in a very quick check of the car park berries late morning of 15th Dec (Traffic Warden lurking in general area!).

Below: Aged on size, a 1stw Brown Rat showed well at the top end of the car park on 13th-14th Dec. Even the Wife plucked up the courage to watch it through the scope!