Sunday, 7 December 2008

Local birding: 7th Dec 2008.

A check of Blackburn Town Centre for Waxwings prior to 10:30 again drew a blank.

c5hrs at Whinney Hill and not a sniff of anything of interest amongst the Gulls. A shocking incident occurred at 15:10. A 4x4 appeared in the Tip, the three occupants inside stopped below us assessing Allen Holmes and Myself who were higher up on the public footpath before proceeding in the 4x4 into the heart of the Tip out of view. What followed was five minutes of presumed carnage as c30 shots rang out from what sounded like three shotguns in use, scattering the Gulls for miles around. I witnessed one 1stw Herring Gull plummet to the ground, dead. Exactly how many birds were killed/injured I don't know. The perpetrators of the crime did not re-emerge into view for an attempt to get their vehicle registration by 15:45 when I had to leave and may have left via another exit? - Scum! As a result, I arrived late at Fishmoor and did not see anything of note by dusk.