Saturday, 6 December 2008

Local birding: Glaucous & Iceland Gulls - Whinney Hill Tip & Fishmoor Res, Lancs - 5th & 6th Dec 2008.

Above: 1stw Glaucous Gull. Below: 1stw Iceland Gull, Whinney Hill Tip - 6th Dec 2008.

5th Dec: Saw me arrive at Fishmoor later than hoped at 15:55, but luckily two 1stw Iceland Gulls were eventually located on the roosting roof in view at the same time before dark, one bird being noticably paler above than the other.

6th Dec: The clear weather and associated sunny conditions are great for any other form of birding except watching Gulls and today was no exception. Bring on some cloud cover! 4hrs at Whinney Hill produced the same 1stw Iceland Gull on several occasions whilst the paler 1stw Iceland was seen on only one occasion. Mid-pm a 1stw Glaucous Gull appeared, perched distantly, and was seen to leave for Fishmoor Res at 14:50, where it was seen in the roost as was one of the Icelands. Whilst at Fishmoor, Burnley birder Tony Bennett mentioned a Waxwing at Weir St. Pay & Display Car Park, Blackburn Town Centre on Dec 5th, mentioned to him by a unknown birding couple in conversation. I will take a look tomorrow.